Hiking trophy t-shirt – Life changing experience – Man vs mountain

This is more than just a t-shirt for mountaineers, it is a trophy t-shirt, full of meaning, for people who feel the call of adventure in their life and want to conquer the highest mountain peaks.

I, like many other hikers, had the courage to climb my first peak above 2500 meters altitude, and this adventure left me with a great memory and the desire to climb the highest peaks in the country. I have now created this t-shirt design with a lot of passion, dripping in it the experiences and memories that the Carpathians left me.

If you have conquered all the peaks of over 2500 meters in Romania, this t-shirt is for you, it is the trophy that you can wear anywhere to show the world the pride of being one of the few people who took this adventure to the end. Congratulations ! You deserve to wear this shirt. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve done!

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